Above All That is Sam

Planking for the Win!!!

Name: Sam U L
Age: 15
Favorite Band/Artist or
Genre: My favorite band...hmmm so many, but Imma say Paramore or Florence + The Machine. Artist would be GaGa, Avril Lavigne, Christina Grimmie, and many more. Genre would have to be either Alternative or Pop.
Favorite TV Shows: The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and Charmed, lets just say other than reading, TV is my life, I watch probably about 20 shows. And Love them all. Those 3 are just my faves :)
Favorite Books: All things Sara Shepard, Harry Potter fo sho, The Vampire Diaries
Some Stuffs Bout Me: Well hmmm I'm a ginger.I love, love, love, love, love my dogs soooo much.  I used to play soccer and still adore it very much. I have a sister, who I currently only like for her laptop :) jusssst kidding. MY LIFE= Television+Books. No doubt about it. For being a pretty big nerd Im pretty "popular" you could say. I just love friends, they are my life. HA! just kidding TV + BOOKS are ;)